Feeling Stuck?

The Fall 2020 competition has ended, and you are currently playing in stealth mode. Your are given all the hint credits you need, and your solves will no longer impact the leaderboard. Solutions can be found on the top left of each puzzle. Have fun!

  • If you’re stuck, look at the inteGIRLS Guide to Puzzle Solving
  • Use Google!! Many of the puzzles will be impossible to solve without using the Internet.
  • EXTREMELY USEFUL WEBSITES: Nutrimatic and dCode.
  • EXTREMELY COMMON MECHANIC: indexing: for example INTEGIRLS [5] is G, the 5th letter.
  • Some of the puzzles will give a phrase that has to be turned into the answer. For example, the phrase MIRZAKHANIFIRSTNAME, referencing the Iranian mathematician Maryam Mirzkhani, would lead to the answer MARYAM.
  • In August, inteGIRLS hosted a Puzzle 101 seminar where we went over the basics of solving puzzles.

Still feeling stuck? Chat with us [now disabled]! We may be able to help.