Final Leaderboard: Middle School

The Fall 2020 competition has ended, and you are currently playing in stealth mode. Your are given all the hint credits you need, and your solves will no longer impact the leaderboard. Solutions can be found on the top left of each puzzle. Have fun!

RankTeamAffiliationScoreSolved (Division)Badges
1mad🍉Tidepod Middle School (Tidepod Idiots Association)3011/6, 23:51:08 ETDivision Badge All Puzzles Badge Division Badge
2dorito squadMethodist Girls' School (Singapore)1511/7, 03:55:38 ETDivision Badge
3GEJATauranga Girl's Collage2111/7, 17:21:32 ETDivision Badge
4Moo and PooMethodist Girls' School (Singapore)2311/8, 00:32:39 ETDivision Badge
5Alpha Sigma KappaMethodist Girls' School (Primary)1711/8, 03:47:08 ETDivision Badge
6small brainsTakoma Park Middle School1511/8, 09:40:01 ETDivision Badge
7Puzzling RavensRice Middle School1111/8, 09:46:11 ETDivision Badge
8RaidersKent Place School1111/8, 09:47:13 ETDivision Badge
9spoon1511/8, 10:02:32 ETDivision Badge
10Les Intelligentes811/8, 12:32:11 ETDivision Badge
11TGC TeamTauranga Girls College911/8, 13:03:11 ETDivision Badge
12Life Sucks811/8, 22:42:10 ETDivision Badge
13tigers1011/8, 23:23:09 ETDivision Badge
14:DArt of Problem Solving1211/9, 10:05:51 ETDivision Badge
15Pi and doughknotsMethodist Girls School1111/9, 13:47:56 ETDivision Badge
16🦅Falcon Rider 🦅Bak Middle School of the Arts911/9, 14:53:10 ETDivision Badge
17Puzzle Peeps1111/9, 16:59:18 ETDivision Badge
18The GCM Girls9
19Potato TeamArt of Math Club8
20Team RedJFK Middle School8
21Let's get CracklingMelbourne Girls' College8
22Sine me upWycombe Abbey School8
23Lovely Aces7
24The Powerful Puzzlers7
26zeetaBilingüe Vista Hermosa6
27CoolMathWycombe Abbey School5
28The Quizards Of OzSidwell Friends School5
29The GirlsLower Lab School4
30Verum ConquisitorAcera School3
31Number Queens3
32Baked PicklesCarson Middle School (currently in NACA)2
33crazy girlsBritish International School Hanoi2
34Girls RockBritish International School Hanoi2
35Mini PotatoesFranconian International School2
36MathbunniesWestminster Schools2
38Blue ZaraJFK Middle School1
39ranCsBIS Hanoi1
40Laughter chaosBritish International School Hanoi1
41The DREAM Team1
42The three puzzlersGarden International School1
44JISSMater Christi College1
45Amazing dancers1
46Banana ramen1
48The Puzzle Solving Elephant WizardsISZL1
51Mini PotatoesFranconian International School0
53the wonder pets0
55shooting starBritish International School Hanoi0
56Roger’s SunshineRogers0
57CARSLakeside Middle School0
58Suspicious KoalasPark Lane International School0