Platform Credits

The Fall 2020 competition has ended, and you are currently playing in stealth mode. Your are given all the hint credits you need, and your solves will no longer impact the leaderboard. Solutions can be found on the top left of each puzzle. Have fun!

Infinity ∞ is a digital puzzle-hunt platform commissioned by inteGIRLS and designed and developed by Mingjie Jiang (@itsmingjie). It is open-source under the MIT License. In addition to the MIT Licensed distribution, we ask that you credit inteGIRLS and link to the GitHub repository when reusing/redistributing this software.

Special thanks to Puzzle Potluck's Rajeev Nayak (@jeevnayak) for providing guidiance on designing this platform.

If you are interested in supporting the organization, please contact

Open Source Licenses

Infinity ∞ could not have been possible without more than a dozen open-source projects, most notably projects like...

bulmaJeremy ThomasMITGitHub
expressTJ HolowaychukMITGitHub
Roman Shtylman
Douglas Christopher Wilson
express-handlebarsYahoo Inc.BSD-3-ClauseGitHub
passportJared HansonMITGitHub
postgresqlPostgreSQL Global Development GroupPostgreSQL Licensepostgresql.git
Regents of the University of California
redisSalvatore SanfilippoBSD 3-Clause RevisedGitHub
markedChristopher JeffreyMITGitHub
node.bcrypt.jsNicholas CampbellMITGitHub
node-postgresBrian CMITGitHub
node-redisMatt RanneyMITGitHub

... and so many more included in package.json. Thank you!